我们年轻,满怀激情;我们投入,热爱钻研! 我们“专注价值 追求卓越”! 让我们一起携手推动AI智领时代,大数据说未来!
  • 积极 Positive

    责任心是进取的基石。 积极是最基本的心态。 Responsibility is the foundation of excellence. We all have a heart of being positive.

  • 价值导向 Values Orientation

    数据化业绩管理。 创造价值,追求卓越。 Data driven performance management. Create value and pursue excellence.

  • 我们的愿景:直面数据,人人都是分析师 Our wish: Make everybody an analyst.


    We keep moving forward with the business philosophy of "Helping customers speak with data, manage with data, make decisions with data, innovate with data”.
  • 我们的使命:改变企业使用数据的方式 Our mission: Change the way businesses use data.

    让非技术人员简单拖拉拽,实现极简极速的私人订制般的数据自助分析探索 。

    We are committed to provide integrated and streamlined solutions on data asset management, data exploration, data application, and AI assisted self-service marketing for our customers.

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